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Our 'Art of the possible' implementation model allows our clients to explore innovative solution options. With a focus on customer centricity, value driven outcomes and foundation for scalability, we help solve some of our clients’ most complex business problems.


We help our clients choose the right integration tools, patterns and design to implement business process automation across Salesforce and other front and back office applications.


Our data specialists bring in expertise with successfully migrating data for some of the world’s largest Salesforce Orgs in terms of managed data(terabytes).

QA Automation

Our expertise in automating functional and performance testing across Salesforce and other integrated applications, greatly improves quality and accelerates our clients’ implementation timeline.


Our clients benefit from the fast paced agile development practices we bring in. Our CI/CD expertise helps facilitate agile development and allow our clients’ to provide feedback on changes with greater velocity.

Customer 360

A single customer view in Salesforce across Marketing, Sales and Service is foundational to any successful CRM implementation. Our specialists bring in a wealth of experience in architecting and implementing some of the most complex customer 360 solutions for our clients.

Who We Are

Cloud Peritus is committed to delivering value-based outcomes and superior experiences to our clients. Our highly passionate and motivated practitioners bring in years of Salesforce and digital transformation expertise to help deliver solutions to some of the most complex business problems our clients’ have.

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What We Do

Advisory Services

We help our clients with strategic planning of their digital transformation journey through our ‘Art of the Possible’ framework. Our advisory services provide our clients with

  • Proposed Future state functional and technical architecture
  • Gaps in current state functional and technical architecture
  • A high level design of future state
  • Business process improvements
  • User Experience recommendations
  • A robust Implementation Roadmap

Assessment Services

Our assessment services provide key insights into the health of our clients’ current Salesforce landscape and help them with improvements. Our typical assessment service outlines the areas of optimization, details of findings, recommendations and a proposed plan to action our recommendations.

Implementation & Maintenance Services

Our innovative ideas and ‘out of the box thinking’ propels problem solving and helps our clients achieve greater results with their Salesforce implementations. With a razor sharp focus on quality and our unique estimation model allows us to

  • Accurately scope the work
  • Design and build to scale
  • Absorb changes without disruption
  • Deliver on time and on budget

We help our clients run & Maintain their existing Salesforce implementations. Our ‘Pay per use’ model is unique in the industry and helps our clients ramp up based on usage of services. Our maintenance services include

  • Salesforce Administration
  • Defect - Analysis, triage and fixes
  • Release management
  • Enhancement requests

Why Us


Accountability &

  • Our unique milestone-based billing model is just another way of expressing our accountability to our clients.
  • We are fully committed to delivering the results that we promise.

Reliable Results

  • Our value-based and outcome-driven approach enables us to deliver unparalleled solutions to some of our clients’ most complex business problems
  • Our delivery experience, investments in innovation, extensive research and careful experimentation help us deliver reliable results for our clients.


  • Our talent selection process is one of the most competitive in the industry which helps us hire some of the best talent.
  • Our architects and leads come with years of experience delivering some of the largest and most complex Salesforce projects across the globe.


  • We are constantly innovating for the future to ensure our clients can take advantage of the latest innovation happening in Salesforce from AI, personal assistants, chatbots, etc.

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