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Our Partnership Program

Cloud Peritus provides consulting services for technology companies. Our team of experts helps your customers make the most of your solutions by providing customized and accelerated solutions. We optimize your products, based on your customers’ requirements to deliver intended results for maximum impact.

Our Partners


Salesforce is a Cloud-based software company, widely known for its customer-relationship management (CRM) service. They also build other enterprise applications, focused on customer service, marketing automation, analytics, and application development.

Why Partner
with Cloud Peritus?

Cloud Peritus has a diverse team of experts committed toward delivering the best results for your customers. Partnering with us would mean:

Accountability & Ownership

We believe in total ownership and are committed to delivering the results that we promise.

Reliable Results

Our value-based approach enables us to deliver intended results through intensive study and careful experimentation.

Time Zone Flexibility

Our off-shore teams make it possible to work in client-friendly timezones for better collaboration and faster turnaround time.

Increased Market Penetration

With a dedicated partner for your product, your market reach increases manifolds, driving more customers for higher revenues.


We have a diverse and dynamic pool of talent trained in various innovative technologies and solutions.


Enhancing your products for customers would mean creating newer, innovative solutions within your products for improved user experience.

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