January 7, 2021

Building The Right Workplace Culture: The Cloud Peritus Story

Culture is the backbone of a workplace. A strong culture includes a set of beliefs and values supported by a solid strategy and structure. It shapes employee's perceptions and understanding of the company. Creating a company culture that resonates with…
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December 30, 2020

Uploading Files to S3 Using Presigned URLs

Introduction If your end users need the ability to upload a large volume of files or extremely large files then Salesforce may not be the ideal file storage solution for your business due to file size limitations and cost. But…
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Kevin Chan

October 13, 2020

Strategy for Profiles and Permission Sets

Ensuring that your end users in your Salesforce org have the necessary and only the necessary permissions to perform their job is essential. Salesforce offers numerous different ways for admins and developers to enforce security across multiple levels: OrgObjectFieldRecord For…
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Siva Ramesh

October 9, 2020

Designing Salesforce for the future – Isn’t it obvious? Maybe not…

"We need to redesign our Service cloud, Salesforce data model which means we must redesign processes, reload data, potentially re-write integrations and re-train our existing users in order to enable Sales cloud or enable Community cloud." Doesn't it sound familiar, am…
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